Sales Department Assessment

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Sales Department Assessment

To fully understand the issues affecting performance or the lack of, we conduct detailed in-company evaluations. These consist of talks with key members of the teams, in-depth review of the products or services that are being sold, the target markets, the marketing strategy, the sales channels and the compensation plans.

In over 28 years of sales and sales management at every level, we have seeing it all and we have heard every single reason for the lack of performance by sales teams. Our successes and overall experience have turned around sales departments and have increased performance and results in very short periods of time.

Based on our proven methods, we provide our clients with a complete external analysis of the issues and provide recommended steps to improve the results in an average of six weeks.

In most cases, we invest time with sales people in a process we call “a day in the life of” or ADL in which we spend a day with a sales person or a team, participate in observing sales calls, meetings and sales activities.

We also analyze the sales processes from lead generation to closing and collecting payment.

Our recommended solutions consist of:

+ Immediate, actionable steps to be taken.

+ Short term actions.

+ Long term solutions.



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